The story behind the sound.

Our Story

Bigg Zound is a dexterous music production company that supports its clients live sound needs.  Our focus is to provide the best quality sound and service.  With attention to detail and quality we provide an unmatched experience.  Based in Miami, FL our mission is to excite and inspire all who attend your events.  Our commitments to our patrons and and product is unwavering.  We offer the most competitive rates alongside reliable infrastructure.

BiggZound was founded by Ian Lewis of the Grammy award winning group Inner Circle.  With much performing experience via touring Ian has invested in the best sound equipment and personnel that the market has as he knows firsthand what good sound requires.

BiggZound services events both large and small with the industries utmost regarded sound equipment.

For more information on how we can best service your live sound experience do not hesitate to give us a call.